Walk on Water During Science Festival in Jamaica

Defy gravity, walk on water and watch a giant pendulum wave that barely fits in a gymnasium.

Kids in Jamaica will get to unleash their inner Einstein and feel the thrill of scientific discovery this Sunday while exploring City of Science, “a traveling mini-metropolis of mind-expanding demonstrations and hands-on activities” that will take over York College, the organizers said.

Among the many attractions, teens and their parents alike will see a toppling seven-foot domino and a spacetime simulator that uses marbles to explore general relativity.

They will explore non-Newtonian fluids that will let them walk on water and participate in a number of competitions, challenges and puzzles, the organizers said.

The day-long event is organized as part of the annual World Science Festival which seeks to engage New Yorkers in each borough in the exploration of science and technology.

“We are thrilled to take City of Science to Queens and to give kids in the borough a day to experience science through hands-on play,” Tracy Day, co-founder of the World Science Festival, said in a statement.

City of Science, which already made stops in the Bronx and Manhattan earlier this year, will visit Brooklyn and Staten Island later this fall.

Publicado en DNA Info