Energy Efficiency Project Saves Government $100 Million

Since implementation of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Programme (EECP), two and half years ago, the project has saved the Government some $100 million.

The programme, which addresses energy efficiency and conservation within the Government sector, has seen the reduction in usage of electricity in government institutions from 410 GWH at the beginning of the programme to less than 400 GWH in 2015.

Manager for the EECP in the Ministry of  Energy, Science  and Technology,  Wayne Williams, told a JIS ‘Think Tank’,  today (April 29), that they have been able to implement investments in energy efficiency and energy conservation.

He cited the installation solar control films on windows of various government buildings, cool roof applications to the roof of the buildings, as well as retrofitting, removing and replacing old inefficient air conditioning units.

The Project Manager explained that for the programme, they have sectorised the government agencies, inclusive of Health; Education; Defence; Security; Public Agencies; National Water Commission and the Irrigation Commission.

Mr. Williams pointed out that the focus so far has been on the health, education and public agencies.

Since 2015, the project has completed the solar control film application at the Ministry of Education head office as well as completed 98 per cent of seven other educational institutions, and one organisation in Security.

The programme is now in the monitoring and verification stages for these organisations, in order to determine the level of savings realised.

Additionally, Mr. Williams said they have coordinated meetings with staff from the organisations where the cost saving measures have been implemented.

They also facilitate training sessions for the Managers of the facilities, as well as the technical staff at the various institutions.

These meetings have assisted with educating staff about the government guidelines in energy conservation.

In the meantime, Mr. Williams said other Government ministries, departments and agencies have been contacting the EECP team to conduct energy audits that will assist in giving them ideas on how to reduce their energy consumption.

The EECP has been extended for another two years to 2018.