Haiti – Social : DHL installs solar street lights and plant trees

This weekend, a team of twenty volunteer of DHL (12 regional directors and local staff) under the leadership of Stephen Fenwick, CEO of DHL Express Americas framed by TECHO Haiti, an NGO run by a team young people of the Caribbean and Latin America whose objective is the fight against poverty, has partnered with residents of the village of Onaville, a town of about 11,000 inhabitants in the north of the capital, to install Saturday solar street lights and planting fruit trees on Sunday.

In total 1,200 trees will be planted because residents Onaville will continue the activity initiated this weekend to combat deforestation. Stephen Fenwick stated “The seedlings that we planted should become beautiful fruit trees and give a nice shade while providing some greenery in this village poor in vegetation. What we have done in Onaville is only a drop in DHL’s commitment to assist the communities with whom we work around the world. Assume a responsibility in relation to our society and our environment is an integral part of our corporate social strategy.”

DHL gave 24,000 US dollars to cover the purchase of solar street lights and plant trees in Onaville.

Note that this is after consultations by TECHO, on the priorities of resident of Onaville, that DHL decided to support this community through reforestation and public lighting “We believe that private sector participation is crucial to help to transform our communities. We are very proud to be able to rely on DHL as a partner for the long term to contribute to the development of Haiti,” said Martin Lassalle, Director of TECHO Haiti.

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