President announces five-point plan towards green economy

President David Granger has announced a five-point plan that will see Guyana realising its charter towards a green economy.

The Head of State was at the time speaking at the Agriculture Ministry’s tree planting exercise in Bartica on Saturday.

He told the gathering that a green economy was part of his Administration’s overall effort towards the long-term development of Guyana.

“This green economy as you’ve already heard is aimed at your long-term well-being. It will reduce social inequalities and it will promote sustainable environmental practices,” he told the gathering at the Community Centre Ground.

The plan, according to the Head of State, includes the promotion of the sustainable exploitation of the country’s natural resources. He reminded residents of the
OMAI Gold Mines toxic spill some 20 years ago and called on them to be the ‘watchdogs’ for their environment.

Another strategy, the President, outlined was the establishment of a solid waste programme. He encouraged residents to ensure that solid waste was carefully disposed of, relating that Government was working towards the introduction of recycling practices.

Granger noted too that Government hoped to promote sustainable energy by introducing solar farms, as well as wind and hydroelectricity plants.

“Much of the energy we are using can be generated by sustainable means: by sun, water, biogas and wind. So let us promote the sustainable energy initiatives,” the President said.

Speaking of the last two strategies, the President said all efforts must be made to promote the ecological integrity of the forests and develop and implement green technologies.

Also present at the tree-planting exercise were Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Minister Sydney Allicock and Agriculture Minister Noel Holder among others.

The President said National Tree Planting Day would become an annual event, and told attendees that he wanted Bartica to be a model town for not only Guyana but for the world at large.

“It must also be a model town for the environment, for ecology, energy. We want to work with NGOs [Non-Governmental Organisations]; miners; the RDC [Regional Democratic Council], and private citizens to make sure that this revolution does not falter, so we can show the world what we mean by a green economy,” the President said.

He congratulated Barticians for taking up the challenge in leading the way to make Guyana a green country.

Guyana Times