DINEPA fight to eradicate cholera

Bénito Dumay, the Director General of the National Directorate of Water Supply and Sanitation (DINEPA), recalled that at the 10 departments, various actions are undertaking for sanitation with for objective of “Eradicating cholera in 10 years.” He announced that a “contract for 50 million dollars will be signed shortly with the World Bank for the eradication of cholera in Haiti,” adding that “Japan and Canada will jointly intervene in 8 strategic communes where a resurgence of cholera was observed,” recalling that Japan and Canada are funding the campaign against cholera in Haiti respectively up to 2 million and 9.6 million dollars.

He also announced that in Martissant, which has become a disease place, 4 kiosks will be built for the distribution of drinking water to the population. He also stressed that DINEPA ensured that the water distributed by private trucks is chlorinated and the sources from which it originates are monitored.

Bénito Dumay launched an appeal to the population for the integration of “Management committees of communes” which are composed to identify problems in order to find appropriate and sustainable solutions.

Finally he stressed that the lack of water in some areas of Port-au-Prince is due to leakage caused by the illegal drilling of the company’s pipes “We regret that too often people do not lend a hand to DINEPA by destroying its facilities.”

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